Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.

Theodor Geisel 1904-1991

Strong brands and effective campaigns all have a simple message to tell. 

We engage with your customers and audiences to help you discover opportunities to build your brand, product, advertising and reputation.

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2019 Australia Day Survey
reveals the truth about how Australians see Australia Day.

We start with simplified, structured approaches to help you create opportunities with:

  • Meaningful insight into your market.

  • Strategic planning and creative development support.

  • Thought leadership generation. 

To respond to rapid change, effective research, analytics, strategy and creative development should be simple and fast
Five core services
UX & digital analysis
Usability and analytics for an enhanced digital experience ... (more)
Creative research for
creative results ... (more)
Brand & creative development
Customer & audience dynamics
Profiling customers and their decisions for marketing
planning ... (more)
Corporate and government research for issues and reputation management ... (more)
Reputation, Policy, Public relations
Business research, data analysis and program evaluation for optimum ROI ... (more)
Marketing & data analysis
10 : 80 principle
10 questions = 80% of the answers
Each project is scalable to any complexity,
but today, success at speed is everything.
Our starting point is to find the top 10 questions that unlock
the answers to the most important business questions
for effective, fast-turnaround outcomes.
Research and strategy modules
10 scalable research and strategy modules for brands, products and services.
Case studies
15 case studies of our work for brands, products and services.
Custom facilities and techniques to support innovation and visualisation
Rapid Response

Our 'Rapid response' approach to qualitative and quantitative research gives you fast turnaround with depth of insight.


We incorporate instant response technology in traditional research discussions to instantly reveal the unbiased opinions of everyone in each discussion session.

We combine this with fast-turnaround quantitative research to rapidly build scale and provide meaningful insights into you customer base.

Qual View

You can take your customer into the board room with our fast-turnaround visualisation of the customer's own explanation of their thoughts and opinions.

We record short interviews at the end of research sessions or embed video responses in quant surveys to create videos that tell a first-person story to illustrate the range of views and key findings.

Quant View
Data modelling

In today's data age, you need advanced data analysis and modelling integrated with insights from structured qualitative and quantitative research to give you a complete picture of your customers and your opportunites.


We use transaction data and advanced analytics to build models and hypotheses about your customer's behaviour.

We verify these by accurately understanding the thoughts, feelings, experiences and motivations that drive their decisions.

Government panel approved

Review Partners is a pre-approved supplier to the Federal and NSW State Governments.

  • Australian Government Whole of Government supplier panel (approved by Australian Tax Office).

  • Australian Government Digital Transformation Office (DTO) pre-qualified panel.

  • NSW Government pre-qualified panel.


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