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Reputation, policy, public relations
Corporate and government research for issues and reputation management

Public debates have always been driven by ignorance, apathy and irrational emotions.  The absence of facts is becoming more common as the noise from social media masks the truth and conceals the majority view.


In this environment, an accurate understanding of public attitudes can mean the difference between controlling brand reputation and policy debates or being controlled by them.

We support communications managers with facts about public knowledge and attitudes, insights into public opinion, and evaluation of messaging options.

We also support thought-leadership and generate media value through national or local research to draw attention to issues, stimulate debate or generate support.


Define the issues to be managed, target audience characteristics, potential risks and competing arguments.

Discover the range and strength of attitudes among the target audience, how widely they are held, the depth of knowledge and understanding of mainstream and extreme positions.

Develop facts, ideas and messaging that could form the basis of communication and PR campaigns to influence attitudes.

Refine potential campaigns with input from the target audience, stakeholders and agencies to determine the direction with the greatest potential influence.

Track how the audience responds to campaign messaging and the influence it has on their behaviour, support or opposition.

Creative research and strategy support
Scalable techniques to suit fast turnaround or in-depth projects.

Manage corporate and NFP reputation by monitoring perceptions against the competition and benchmarks ... (more)

Manage PR and communication campaigns by monitoring audience attitudes and responses to messaging... (more)

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