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UX and Digital analysis
Usability and analytics for an enhanced digital experience

Conventional usability research  tells you if your customers can easily use your digital platforms to find information and accomplish tasks.


We combine usability task completion with brand and customer satisfaction research to understand the impact your platforms are having on your brand strength and  customer retention.


We incorporate analysis of digital metrics to give a complete view of digital effectiveness in comparison to other marketing options and media choices.


And we assess engagement across multiple devices to ensure you provide users with a seamless experience independent of the device they use.

Creative research and strategy support

Define the changing needs of customers for digital delivery of products, services, communication and entertainment through websites and apps.

Discover what users need and want to achieve and the role of the website or application in their decision-making process.

Develop the specifications required to deliver a new or better digital experience in terms of content, structure, function and interface and across multiple devices.

Refine and enhance program development by engaging with users’ responses to early stage ideas, wireframes, prototypes and finished applications.

Track changes over time in usage metrics and satisfaction with functionality and feed into the continuous improvement process.

Your customer's digital journey

Combining brand and usability evaluation, we put your customer at the heart of your digital development to help build your brand through stronger acquisition, improved retention and greater customer loyalty.

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Scalable techniques to suit fast turnaround or in-depth projects.

Engage users of websites and mobile applications for agile digital creation and development... (more)


Monitor and benchmark digital metrics to independently evaluate website, social media and app performance... (more)

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