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Australia Day Advertising: Where the bloody hell are you?

B&T Magazine (Author: Paul Costantoura)

Australian Day 2017 was a missed opportunity for most Australian advertisers as the lamb industry again dominated with its now controversial ad. However, with 1.3 million YouTube views, the MLA's historical parody was dwarfed by comedian Jordan Raskopoulos' low budget 'May 8' (maaate) message which has been watched more than 7 million times.

This comprehensive analysis reviews the commercial, government and cause-related advertising for our national day.

The ads that gave us President Trump

B&T Magazine (Author: Paul Costantoura)

Large sections of the American and Australian media remain in denial over Trump's victory.  However, a simple analysis of his campaign advertising shows how his opponents dramatically underestimated the power of his rhetoric.

We analyse the 12 ads that defined the US Election campaign - showing how Trump's campaign learnt from Bernie Sanders how to defeat Hilary Clinton.

Whether you love or hate Trump, his campaign strategy offers lessons to Australian advertisers about tapping into the reality of people's lives.

Research News Live

Paul Costantoura facilitated a recent AMSRS panel discussion in Sydney to look at the future of the relationship between ‘traditional’ research and ‘big data’.

The questions the panellists addressed were:  Are ‘big data’ and ‘research’ allies or enemies and will ‘big data’ eventually replace the need for ‘research’ or can they work together?’

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Australia Day Survey
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